SOLE Online runs several multinational SOLE programs online each year. We have courses for younger children (age 10-15) as well as courses for high school and college students. Meetings take place online, where students work in multinational groups to solve “Big Questions” without teacher interference – this is the essence of Self Organized Learning.

Our programs are FREE for groups of students accompanied by an educator. Unaccompanied individual students can also take part for a fee.

Periodic courses for high school and college students

These courses are 4-6 weeks long, and draw a broad range of students, primarily from Europe and Asia. Students meet once a week, usually for 90 minutes. English is required (students are encouraged to use translation software if they prefer, but in our experience very few do.) Each course has a themes, such as “agriculture” and “art”: and each week the students are given a Big Question relating to the theme. They work in multinational groups where English is the common second language and make group presentations of their findings.

The benefits of our programs include exposure to foreign culture and language, English development, learning possible answers to the Big Question, and, most of all, learning to learn independently.

To apply:

Educators with groups of students, please click here.

Individual students unaccompanied by an educator, please click here.