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  • Two success stories

    There are two pieces of good news this week. First, the soleonline.org website finally went live. More about that later. Secondly, something wonderful happened with the SOLE course I teach at Nagoya Zokei University – I found a teacher at an overseas university who wants to partner his class with mine. I’m over the moon!…

  • The long slow process of building a SOLE collaboration app

    17 months ago, the idea of SOLE Online began with 3 teachers in Japan running collaborative sessions. (SOLE is an abbreviation for Self Organized Learning Environment, an innovative contemporary approach to collaborative learning.) My partner Hiroaki Kato (SOLE Sagamihara), our friend Jon Mizuno (Happy Clover English Club), and I (SOLE Japan) decided to connect our…

  • Welcome

    Welcome to soleonline.org’s official blog! Here we will post news, opinions and reports on our activities. We welcome your participation.

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