Privacy Policy

This business is based in Japan and litigation will be based on the Japanese version of this document.

SOLE Online (hereinafter, SOLE Online or we, our, us, ours) recognizes that personal information handled in the online media business is an important asset of those individuals, and hence stipulate the following basic policies for handling such personal information.


Security Control Measures on Personal Information

We protect privacy of users and prevent leakage, loss of/damage to personal information by adopting systematic, physical, personal and technical secuity control measures.


Conditions On Acquiring Personal Information

We observe the following conditions on acquiring, useage and sharing personal information.


1. Acquiring Personal Information

We acquire personal information from our users on SOLE Online website (hereinafter "website") when it is necessary for the operation of our website.


1.1 Information Submitted From The User

  • Name, email and other information about the user

  • Account name, password and other login information

  • Credit card, bank account, electronic money and other payment information


1.2 Information Acquired With Cookies

When the user visits our website, we send a small text file called "cookies" to the user's device. The user can deactivate the cookies by changing the browser setting, but it may disable the usage of our website. We collect the following information.

  • IP address

  • Device information (browser type and version, time zone, OS, etc.)


2. Purposes Of Usage Of Personal Information

We use the user's personal information only within the purposes listed below, unless it is required by the laws or requested by the user himself/herself.

  • Operations, maintenance and management of the website

  • Provision and distribution of our services

  • Requesting feedback from the users for the improvement of our services


3. Sharing Personal Information

We do not share the user's personal information to the third party unless it is approved by the user himself/herself in advance, or required by the laws or requested by the user himself/herself. We share, correct, add/delete the user's personal information upon request from the user himself/herself, in compliance with the laws. We handle feedbacks and inquiries in appropriate manners.


Improvements And Revisions To The Privacy Policy

We continue to check, improve and revise our Privacy Policy. We notify the users in advance.


Sharing Personal Information To The Third Party

When we share the user's personal information to the third party in case described in this policy, we ensure that the personal information is handled in compliance with our Privacy Policy.


Deleting Personal Information

When it becomes unnecessary for us to continue to hold the user's personal information, we delete it in the manner that ensures security.


Contact Information for Complaints and Inquiries

We handle complaints and inquiries through the contact information below.



SK-III 103, 4-20-16 Fuchinobe, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 252-0206 Japan

Hiroaki Kato, Customer Service Manager


Cookies Policy

Cookies are the feature that ensures the user's safety and ease of use by storing the small text file that contains the user's information. Cookies can identify the user's browser but cannot identify individual. The user can change the setting of cookies on the browser, by selecting from "Allow all cookies," "Refuse all cookies," or "Notify the user when cookies are received" etc. Regarding how to change that setting, please refer to the help menu on the browser since each browser works differently. Pleae beware that if the user chooses to refuse all cookies, it result in inability to use most of our services including the services that require user identification.