Educators and Students can join SOLEs, for FREE!

Look at the SOLE Online Calendar. Find a SOLE session that is appropriate for your needs. You can click on it and apply to join.

For educators, that implies you want to bring your own students to the session.

Your application will be forwarded to the educator who originally posted the session on the calendar. He/she will answer your application by email.

Advertise your SOLE session

When you cannot find any sessions that suit your needs, you can "Post Your Session" from the top page, or from "My Page" after loggin in.

By creating a session and posting it to the SOLE Online Calendar, you can choose the main parameters for the session - the date, start time, student age range, etc.

Other educators around the World will see your session details. Some will apply to join you. You may accept or reject their applications based on your circumstances.

If you choose to accept an applicant, you will correspond by email etc. to settle details.

Access to virtual classroom

You can conduct your online SOLE on any platform you choose. One option is to use a purpose-built SOLE virtual room through our partners, StartSOLE. At this time, the room may be used free of charge.