About SOLE Online

SOLE stands for Self Organized Learning Environment. It is a form of inquiry based learning where teachers have minimal involvement. Students are posed a “Big Question”. Working in groups, they try to answer the question using information on the Internet. At the end of the study period, students present their findings. In most international sessions, presentations are given in English. 

Examples of Big Questions
"Why are bee hives hexagonal?"
"How would you measure an animal's intelligence?"
"How can we clean up space debris?"

Self Organized Learning was first identified by Sugata Mitra Ph.D, a retired professor of Newcastle University, in the famous “Hole in the Wall” experiments in 1999. He installed computers into a wall in Delhi, India, and observed as children with no computing experience taught themselves and each other, without teachers. Sugata Mitra was awarded the 2013 TED Prize for his work. The hole in the wall experiments inspired the Hollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire. A documentary, The School in the Cloud, has since been produced about the SOLE method.

SOLE Online was founded in 2019 by two SOLE practitioners based in Japan, Mike Lyons and Hiroaki Kato, to connect educators and students learning with SOLE  all around the world, and to  help them set up joint sessions together online.